The Unsung Heroes

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Father’s Day remains a day close to our hearts. A day dedicated to someone who has always managed to bring a smile on our face; someone who is forever working in the backend so you can fulfill your wish list; someone who strives to keep up with our hopes and is yet the most underrated person in the family. So, we at Trunkoz, did not want to miss this opportunity to give it back to the unsung heroes.

So, let me take you’ll through how this day looked like at Trunkoz. The day started with the pictures of our very own heroes with their kids cutely framed together (as depicted in the pictures above). The fact that their family photos were being displayed at the entrance came as a complete surprise to all the dads. But this was, after all, just the beginning. The management team had managed to get personalized messages from the children of all the fathers. These messages were laminated on their respective desks along with some goodies and gifts as shown above. To top it all, the office was decorated with adorable Father’s Day posters quotes.

Men, in general, are said to be a little weak when it comes to express how they really feel. But, on Father’s Day, the happiness reflected quite evidently on everyone’s face. It is very rare, that we take a note of the hard work and grit every father puts in running the family. He runs the show and we should make it a point to appreciate it. Trunkoz believes in not only acknowledging but also celebrating everyone’s true worth. Do you?