Superwomen of Trunkoz

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15th May, ’17 marked a very special place in the hearts of Trunkozians. Mother’s Day in itself is a day very close to everyone. Mothers have an inbuilt art of balancing their family and work life together and that too quite efficiently. They might make it look effortless, but we do somewhere deep inside realize that it is definitely not a cake walk.

We decided, with due permissions of our CEO, Hiren Shah, to felicitate the Superwomen of the Trunkoz. We displayed the pictures of all the mothers with their kids on the office soft board (You can see it in the picture above). The theme was sea and the pictures were in the shells because they are all precious as pearls to us.

We arranged for a Gerbera flower, a Choco chip cookie goodies for all the mothers along with Best Mother trophy and a heartwarming greeting card that read “From your 2nd Home – Trunkoz”. Half of the HR team distracted the mothers while the rest of the team members decorated their desks with all the aforesaid goodies. When the Superwomen found out about this, they were overwhelmed and felt important. Little did they know that this was just the beginning (or build up you may say) to a larger surprise!
We, as a company, never forget to recognize efforts. Be it a small caring gesture or a huge contribution of any employee to our success; we ALWAYS love to express our gratitude. Keeping this motto in our mind, we made a small attempt to bring a smile on the face of our in-house Superwomen.

We got the show running by contacting the families of the superwomen and asked them to send videos/audios of their kids with a sweet message; and all of this was done without them having any clue. When these videos were collated and presented to the mothers, their reactions were priceless. This day struck the deepest cords of our hearts and has made its special place in the history of Trunkoz.
Mothers thrive day in and day out to balance their work and life. It is not completely right to celebrate their existence only on one day. Let us pledge to cherish all the mothers in our lives and salute them for their magnificent contribution to every individual whose life they touch!