Superstars of Trunkoz!

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A team that plays together, stays together; or so we believe at Trunkoz! It is very essential for any firm to strike the correct balance between work and enjoyment. It’s the little tea breaks and the quick chats you have with your colleague that helps you rejuvenate and get back to work with double enthusiasm. It not only increases work productivity but also delivers a great deal of job satisfaction. But then, the question arises about how to maintain this balance in any organization. Well, this conundrum is cracked by Trunkoz. Read on to know how exactly!
We at Trunkoz, started with “Trunkoz Fun Committee”. Members from each department enrolled themselves in the committee and we then picked handful of superstars from different departments. This committee is responsible for organizing once in a month Friday activity – right from scratch! This way, the employees are represented by their fellow folks and there is the HR department to make sure guidelines are being adhered. There is just once in a week meeting of maximum 30 minutes wherein all the activities are planned by the committee members. This makes sure that no work is harmed in this process.
The main motive to include employees in this task is to understand the employee perspective better. Each and every employee has their own interest and liking and as HRs, we value them. The committee members, therefore, represent the interests of all employees and share their point of views. This committee not only bridges the gap between employers and employees but also creates a comfortable atmosphere for all, where they can express innovative thoughts and ideas to enhance the work culture.
The way an organization functions defines their work environment. And so, we make it a point to have small weekly activities that take place department wise and one big activity that involves 100% employee participation. Trunkoz strongly believes that every employee should have his share of fun, as long as the work is not getting hampered. The work culture here encourages each one to express, share, work hard and party harder!