Rewarding The Men Of Trunkoz As We Pre-Celebrate The International Men’s Day

Pooja Saiya
Pooja Saiya
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The month of November is mostly all about Men, what with it being the No Shave November and also the month where Men are celebrated; with the day of 19th November dedicated to them as the Men’s Day. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to show our admiration for our Male employees and show our acknowledgment for the work they provide for us. We had our pre-celebrations on Friday, i.e. 17th of November.

The Day started with the boys coming in to be surprised with their desk boards filled with messages from their female colleagues. A lot of time was spend in expressing gratitude and returning the favor with gazillion thank yous. There were message ranging from appreciations to leg pulling and general bantering reminiscing on the joyous memories employees make while working.

As the day proceeded and everyone engaged back into their daily doings, they didn’t know more surprise was awaiting them. To go little out of the regular path we started to be a little quirky here with our next surprise! Halfway through the day, we served all the Men with overflowingly mouth-watering Meetha Paans which baffled the lot and was hooded for by all. The final surprise came in the form of Pilot pens with each individuals name engraved on it, just to give a personalized touch to it. As always pictures were clicked and all day long Men of Trunkoz were pampered with compliments and surprises, to which they left the place for the day with fuller hearts!