The Dazzling Diwali Of 2017!

Pooja Saiya
Pooja Saiya
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The Festival of the year, Diwali was celebrated with great delight and smiles in galore were spread around the premises. The dressing up traditional and getting all decked up is a known fact around everyone here, so prior notice or not people came in all colors bringing in the dazzle, and shone brighter then the lightings hung up all around.

While it was consider a working day, it wasn’t the first priority for a change to anyone that day, and rather laughter was bouncing across the walls as people discussed their plans for the festive weekend, their shopping lists and more. The festivity was celebrated on the 17th of October, the Tam-Jam began with numerous pictures that were clicked all across the office and shenanigans continued outside the premises as well, where the grand beautiful Rangoli was spreading a royal touch to the festivity.

Lunch was arranged for the Trunkoz family, which came in garma-garma thanks to the cooks arranged for the very purpose of it! Following the lunch every team engaged themselves in games to suffice the need of relaxation after the delicious food hogging session. The games and banter continued on along with more selfies that were captured. Voting chits were passed amongst everyone to vote for the best dressed male and female.

Towards the end of the day, both CEO brothers, Hiren Shah and Ashish Shah went around cabin to cabin personally wishing Diwali greeting and distributing the Goodies amongst everyone. Along, they also presented the best dressed male and female with “Mr. Zorr Ka Jhatka Dheerese” and “Ms. Teekhi Mirchi”.

Thus, the day ended well with what it stands for Togetherness and Joyousness.