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Colors of Trunkoz!

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It is said that employees are the life of any organisation and we abide by this saying. An organisation is run by the employer but its product totally depends on how it runs. As far as Trunkoz is concerned, we believe in giving employees the freedom to work in their own space, celebrate moments and frame innumerable memories to look back and smile on.

September proved to be one of the most colorful months! It was the month of Navratri. Trunkozians being all enthusiasts, had to make the most of it. Each one not only followed the color codes but also came all decked up for all the 9 days. Prizes were distributed to the best dressed male and female at the end of each day which reached a new level of craziness day by day.

But, what mattered the most was the spirit of the employees; even though there were only two winners each day, they participated whole heartedly.

Creating such an environment in a workplace later reflects in the productivity of the employees. It creates a culture an employee feels comfortable to work in. Being in a cosmopolitan city and an organisation that encourages diverse culture, we make it a point to celebrate at least one festival/ event per month.

Navratri, however, was a big hit at Trunkoz and we cannot get over it. It is the kind of positive vibe that the employees got in to work for these days that showed their involvement and interest towards the organisation. Such is the culture we believe in and that’s how all Trunkozians roll!