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Sarbashree Mallik
Sarbashree Mallik

Monthly Archives: January 2016

The evolutionary world is ever changing and so does the work life of each and every individual! We as a company have witnessed marvelous changes in the way our customer use technology to complete their daily chores. Whether it’s about … Continue reading

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a hotspur among the senior executive level of various organizations. Many of them are anxious whether executing IoT-based technology and processes is worth the money, time, and effort involved. Others are worried of … Continue reading

Musculoskeletal injuries are on a high! So, today’s study emphasis on product designs, such as new chairs, keyboards, lighting and consideration towards workspace design and organizational behavior. An office ergonomics is a movement or an evolution in many corporate office … Continue reading

In the days of mass media, marketing was comparatively easy than the usage of marketing strategies in a digital economy. Earlier, great plans and sturdy posts were enough to get customers to remember you. Today, we have fragmented customer scenario, … Continue reading

Infographics streamline information in a visually appealing way in order to entice and inform a large chunk of audiences. Many infographic designers use basic principles of design to back the information offered through primary and secondary sources. They make the … Continue reading