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Sarbashree Mallik
Sarbashree Mallik

Monthly Archives: October 2015

It’s been a busy year at Trunkoz and we’ve been working very hard to create a masterpiece for our valued customers. We’ve re-imagined our potential and wanted it to be simple and intuitive while ensuring the power and control that … Continue reading

The word photography by itself is magical in nature. It’s like you are holding a time machine in your hand and you are looking and re-living your past through lenses. For each and every individual the concept of photography differs; … Continue reading

Imagine that you are waiting for office and your driver parks a bullock cart in front of you and expect you to hop inside it. What will be your reaction? The rate of evolution is pretty much higher in the … Continue reading

I am sure you have witnessed a life cycle of a tree. So you must be aware of the evolutionary process of a tree – from a mere seedling matured grown woods. Trunkoz Group defines its growth as a tree. … Continue reading

Art is a portal into the soul. When I first saw that particular piece of work, I was awestruck! It was marvelous. Just a clear canvas and few charcoal pencils created a wonderful portrait. Yes, I am talking about charcoal … Continue reading